• Cleanroom Performance

    Accurate devices for cleanrooms HVAC measurement and control including humidity, flow and differential pressure measurement devices

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  • Air Handling Units Control Efficiency

    Full range of accurate devices and components: from frequency drives and differential pressure transmitters to humidity and temperature sensors.

  • Building Automation and HVAC Systems

    User-friendly measuring sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wireless and air quality monitoring for building automation and HVAC systems.

  • Variable Frequency Drives

    Top quality VFDs to save energy by consuming only the power that’s needed by offering optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors.

  • Temp, Rht, IAQ & VOC Monitoring

    Complete monitoring solutions for mixed gas, CO, CO2,temperature, humidity monitoring to perform air quality checks.

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DPT-Flow configuration
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DPT-Flow configuration

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